Chester Step Training

Welcome to the official Chester Step Test online training delivered by Professor Kevin Sykes. Please work though each module in order. If you have any questions, contact us here.

Module 1:

Introduction to the Chester Step Test

  • What is the Chester step test?
  • What is a submaximal test and why do we do it?
  • Why multiple step heights are used in the test
  • The reason rating of perceived exertion was added to the test
  • Who Chester step test may not be suitable for

Module 2:

Aerobic Capacity Vo2 Max

  • Why test fitness?
  • What is aerobic capacity & fitness?
  • The reason it’s important not to have a low level of aerobic fitness
  • What is Vo2 max and what does it mean
  • What are the main ways to test Vo2 max?

Module 3:

Physiological Rationale

  • How does the Chester step test calculate Vo2 and fitness levels
  • Why you only need to go up to 80% of your max to get accurate results
  • Why multi-stage tests like Chester step are better than single-stage tests
  • Discover the 6 main sources of error when performing a test

Module 4:

Why Stepping? Which Step Height?

  • Module 4: Why Stepping? Which Step Height?
  • The 6 reasons why stepping is great for fitness testing
  • How to select the correct step height every time
  • The 5 reasons to consider step height correctly

Module 5:

Pre Test Conditions

  • What is the PAR-Q and why does it matter
  • What are the pre-test health considerations?
  • What are the 6 pre-test conditions you should meet before a test takes place?

Module 6:

Chester Step Test 2 Description

  • How CST2 can give you more reliable test results
  • Why we made CST2 and the problems with the original version
  • Why our computer-generated line of best fit gives better results
  • How to get immediate access to the new Chester step test (CST2) web app

Module 7:

Test Administration

  • What 4 things you need to do before a test
  • The number 1 mistake most practitioners make
  • What you should be doing before and after each test

Module 8:

Chester Step Test 2 Demonstration

  • What former Fitness Advisor for Lancs Fire Service has learned that you may be doing wrong.
  • How you should conduct the test for the most reliable results

Module 9:

Health & Safety

  • What are the potential complications with fitness testing?
  • How to maintain safety and now when NOT to do a test
  • Why we stop the test at 80% maximum heart rate